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Take 5 Easy Steps To Buy Your "RightBike"

Whether you're a cycling novice or an aspiring pro, we've got the perfect bike for the way you want to ride - and a fun, easy process to make sure you find it. Talk to any of our experienced staff for answers to your cycling questions. We love the sport, and we're here because we want to share the fun.

Which bike is best for you? We're here to help you find it!

Throughout our store we've arranged products and information to take you through five simple, logical steps to finding the best cycling products for your needs.

1) Decide how you want to ride. We'll help you identify what type of terrain, roads or trails you may want to ride on - and find the style of bicycle designed to meet your riding needs.

2) Choose the frame that's right for you. 70% of how a bike rides is determined by the frame. A visit to the Frame Station in our store can help you compare frame materials and workmanship.

3) Compare the specs. After the frame, evaluate a bike's wheels, suspension and drivetrain components - in that order. Our specs rankings at the Frame Station can help you get the most for your money.

4) Get the right fit. Make sure the bike you select is the right size and properly adjusted for optimum function and comfort. Our Fit Station ensures you get expert fitting.

5) Maximize fun and performance with the right accessories. There's more to cycling than the bike. Find out what accessories you need for fun, safe rides. We make them easy to find and compare.